Software Factory

High complexity projects management with excellent ROI.

Third has know-how to manage high complexity projects, operates with best practices to develop quality solutions and promote excellent ROI.

3 Categories

  • Software project factory meeting the requirements of complete projects.
  • Program factory actuating in programs coding.
  • Closed scope or time and materials scope projects.

4 Pillars

  • Methodology.
  • Management tool.
  • Structured and well-defined processes<./li>
  • Quality of products.


  • Specialized professionals.
  • Consultancy in software engineering.
  • Execution of projects in a wide range of platforms.
  • Software Specification and Architecture.
  • Construction of Programs.
  • Functional and technical support.
  • Processes and projects management.


  • Customers focus on core business.
  • Resulting in more quality and productivity.
  • Costs and risks reduction.
  • Centralization of users support.
  • More productivity.
  • More autonomy and promptness.
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