Functional Prototype

Documentation and graphical representation of requirements

The functional prototype is a descriptive way to document and graphically represent requirements and it is supported by flow-charts and screens with usability that, visually, contributes to better understanding of the analyzed process and validate the whole data gathering.

Features will be developed based on the client’s requirements and, usually, those which are the most user-friendly and bring more added value shall be expanded first. Especially when it comes to evolutionary prototyping, which shall be further upgraded to development stage.

Prototype implementation is useful because it validates and formalizes all processes, its business rules and usability of application, reaching the objectives of the project.


  • Definition of the system functional requirements.
  • Validation with users (acceptance terms).
  • Definition of system architecture (suitability and existing infrastructure).
  • Capacity planning (future requirements and growth expectancy).


  • Lower possibility of "failure" due to lack of system requirements alignment.
  • Expectation of a final product better aligned with the user.
  • Possibility of quoting with different suppliers.
  • Lower possibility of rework (consideration of system growth).
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