Leader in consumer goods

Unilever, a case of Third IT Solutions


One of the world's biggest companies in consumer goods, personal hygiene and cleaning products manufacturers, food and ice cream, operating in more than 100 countries and present in Brazil for over 80 years.


Unify the support for 313 systems supported or by means of local IT, or by means of one of the 68 providers within a single supplier. Support contracts costs reduction. Unified management of Non-Core applications.

Third Solution Employed

Applications Management Services (AMS).

Earns by the Third solution

  • Costs rollback
  • Application catalog reduction
  • Incident decrease
  • SLA above 80%
  • Applications documentation
  • Knowledge base

Curiosities about the project

  • 2,000 incidents/month in 19 Latin American countries
  • Application management structure
  • ITIL processes implementation
  • Single services catalog
  • Creating a Knowledge Base
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