Third it solutions

IT intelligence and innovation since 1996

Third has operated in information technology market since 1996 and throughout its history it established itself as an important partner in IT solutions for the major Latin America.

Regarding competency, commitment, quality and reliability pillars, Third delivers the best results.

When developing, implementing and managing IT projects in different countries and economies, the company has acquired expertise to integrate IT solutions into dynamic business management, offering products and services that add value to corporations' core businesses.

Third professionals have proven experience in employing different methods and knowledge in order to fulfill the requirements of each project and efficiently manage all cycle.

Third meets with excellence the requirements of the most demanding corporations in the international market, employing best practices (ITIL, PMI, CMMI, RUP, SOX and COBIT).

Third commitment ensures growth, stability and result. In order to develop, implement and manage projects in a variety of segments, the company promotes the integration of IT solutions with business management.


  • PMI, PMO, System Engineer, ITIL Certificates, commercial tools for development and management.
  • Professionals performing with over one million projects hours in several segments, having specific academic background.


  • Mastery of technology applied to the solution.
  • Ability to identify and act on issues.
  • Synergy with different teams.


  • Ethics
  • Transparency
  • Readiness
  • Commitment